Are you a business owner, partner, or entrepreneur? Do you have more administrative or legal overhead than you have in-house staff capacity?  Pacuska Professional Services can take that load off you, eliminating the need to hire additional full time staff.

“I save my clients the significant overhead of extra staff by doing the tasks they need done, as they need them done,”  Alison says.  “Studies show that 72% of small firms are challenged by their administrative and non billable load, but most of them have no time to think about it.”   As a virtual legal and executive assistant with over 25 years in the field, Alison enjoys finding the right solutions for a small or solo business and “getting you back hours of your time, not to mention improving your billables.”

Our clients don’t need to staff up with an admin, a paralegal, and a legal assistant.  They delegate those tasks to us, freeing their time to focus on what really matters to them and their clients: legal strategy and practice development.

Let us make magic behind the scenes, putting our team to work on your administrative needs, while you focus on the work that’s important to your clients.