After more than 23 years as a professional in the arenas of logistics, conference coordination, legal assistant and paralegal services, and executive assistant services, I know how important background and support work is to a practice.  And I know how much time that work takes away from practice development and client services.

As a Virtual Legal Assistant, I enable small firms and sole practitioners to put their energies into serving their clients’ legal needs by doing their administrative and paralegal work for them with minimal added overhead.  My Executive Assistant services provide all the administrative services you desire – without putting an admin in your office.

One day you may need to book travel to a meeting, deposition or trial, the next you need your discovery or pleadings drafted.  Still other clients have used my services to prepare their holiday correspondence, while others have me keep their calendar in order.

As a small business owner, I realized how many of the day to day functions of running that business could be done by someone with my job experience as an Executive Assistant and Legal Assistant, thus making other sole practitioners or small firms more effective for their clients.  My experience made me more efficient at running that business and decreased my overhead significantly.

I can do the same for you.

What can I do to make your day more focused on the tasks you enjoy?  Contact me to find out.

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