Alison Pacuska is a freelance and virtual Paralegal with experience in boutique law firms and big law, with solo practices and global corporate powerhouses.  Her career has spanned domestic and international matters.  So much variation has taught her to be a generalist.  She has a quick learning curve, the ability to think on her feet and develop creative solutions to any challenge, and the skills to apply her trade to any area of law.

“After more than 25 years as a legal assistant and paralegal, I know how important background and support work is to a practice. I know how much time that work takes away from practice development and client services and I know how strained a small practice’s budget and resources can be for hiring staff.  I also know that you, as an attorney, need to capture as much billable time as possible – and administrative tasks make that problematic.”  – Alison Pacuska.

As a small business provider of Virtual Legal Assistant and Paralegal solutions, Pacuska Professional Services enables small firms and sole practitioners to put their energies into serving their clients’ legal needs by  outsourcing your administrative and paralegal work with minimal added overhead, and increasing the amount of time you can dedicate to substantive client work.

Some of our clients are hourly, needing support on an ad hoc basis, while others contract large blocks of time each month.  Their practice areas vary from intellectual property to family law, from estate planning to criminal defense, and even health care.

Here at Pacuska, we have the experience  to support your practice.

What can we do to make your day more focused on the substantive tasks, the law you enjoy, and those that grow your practice?  Contact us to find out via email or connect with Alison on LinkedIn.

Named to the Maryland State Bar Association Paralegal Task Force, 2020-2022